The price of auto insurance has increased in the past few years. Although driving is a necessity for most, some will consider becoming uninsured in order to escape from increased insurance costs. However, there are some things that can help drivers keep car insurance costs under control and even pay less on their premiums.

To protect yourself from sudden car insurance price spikes, policyholders can follow these tips:

Obey traffic laws. Many different traffic violations can lead to an increase in car insurance premiums. Even a parking ticket can remain on your driving record for three years.

Shop for online quotes periodically. Drivers are advised to scan the insurance market at least two times per year. Although many policyholders avoid doing this or they consider it to be unnecessary, not scanning the insurance market can be an expensive mistake that it can cost drivers hundreds of dollars each year. Also, brokerage websites will help policyholders compare insurance quotes in just a few minutes.

Review the insurance policy at renewal. Policyholders should carefully analyze their policies and see if they are not missing any discounts. Also, they can check if traffic tickets that should come off their driving records are still present.

Use multi-policy discounts. Policyholders can choose to bundle car insurance, life insurance, and home insurance with the same company. The discounts offered for these bundled policies can be really great, and in some cases, they can be as high as 30% of the insurance costs.

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